REPLACE will explore case studies that are at different stages of the hazard management cycle, the phases of which are preparation for, responding to, recovering from, mitigating the effects of & adapting to environmental disasters.

Irpinia Earthquake 1980

mitigation/adaptation, preparedness

Irpinia was struck by a major quake in 1980, with approximately 2500 people killed, almost 8000 people injured and hundreds of thousands of people displaced. The case study of Irpinia straddles both the ‘Mitigation/Adaptation’ stage and the ‘Preparedness’ stage of the Hazard Management Cycle, but the REPLACE project will interrogate whether Irpinia has fully gone …

L’Aquila Earthquake 2009


In L’Aquila, at least 308 people died as a result of the 2009 earthquake, with many more injured and many thousands displaced. As a result of an inquiry into responses to data leading up to the event, 7 people were imprisoned for inadequately forecasting the probability of a seismic event, however these convictions were later overturned. L’Aquila is …

Central Italy Earthquake 2016


The region of central Italy was affected by a widely felt earthquake in 2016. Amatrice and Accumoli were scenes of devastation, as they were at the epicentre of the quake and bore the brunt of the 6.2magnitude. The shaking was felt as far away as Rome, around 100 miles away from the locus. The quake claimed the lives of at least 247 people and …